Membership Registration

Membership Registration

Membership to Teso Education Fund, Uganda

Article 4 of the constitution of TEF Uganda, 2020 provides for individual people and organizations / agencies of goodwill and good standing who subscribe to its vision, mission, and objectives to be its members.

There are 2 categories of membership:
1. Individual members; with sub categories of students and adults. Students are persons under 25 years of age who are undertaking primary, secondary, or tertiary education and have not attained their first diploma or degree certificate.

2. Corporate members: These are organisations / companies and other legal entities that wish to associate with, and support TEF Uganda.

Admission to membership is through a due process approved by the Board of Trustees. This process involves filling an application form, screening of the applicant by the membership mobilization committee and a formal admission to the member issued by the head of the mobilization committee.

All members are required to pay the prescribed annual membership fees. The membership fees for 2022 are:

1. Students – 50,000 Uganda shillings
2. Adults – 100,000 Uganda shillings
3. Corporates – 500,000 Uganda shillings

Membership is renewed every year. For example, if you pay in August, your membership will be due for renewal again in August the following year. If you do not renew your membership, your membership will cease automatically.

These are the benefits of being a member of TEF Uganda.
1. Self-fulfilment because:
a. TEF will be able to achieve its purpose which you support
b. You are contributing to making the lives of the young generation better
c. You are contributing to building and safeguarding the future of our society
d. You are contributing to making the world a better place
2. Right to participate in making decisions for TEF either as a voter at the Annual General Meeting or as a trustee.
3. Receiving regular updates and reports on the plans and progress of TEF.
4. Recognition of outstanding members in supporting and promoting TEF.

Membership fees can be paid to:

Bank Account Name: Teso Education Fund, Uganda
Bank Account Number: 3100087126
Bank and Branch: Centenary Bank, Kireka

Euro Correspondent details:
Name and Address of Bank: Sparkasse Aachen
Zentralen friedrich, Wilhelm-Platz 1-4
Munsterplatz7-9, 52059
Aachen Germany
Bank Sort Code: 390 500 00
Swift Address: AACSDE33
Tittle of Account: Centenary Rural Development Bank
Swift Address: CERBUGKA
Account Number: 047291539 (Euro account)
IBAN DE2939050000047291539
Account Number: 0926362393 (US Dollar Account)
IBAN DE29390500000926362393

Payment can also be done by mobile money:
AirtelMoney: 0708246765
MTNMobileMoney: 0789125913
Registered names: Ivan Aruo

After paying membership fees, please complete the membership form below.
For enquiries about membership, please contact Jane Aik, Director of Fundraising and Resource Mobilisation, TEF Uganda. Email:

Membership Form of Teso Education Fund, Uganda